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How Many Credits To Graduate High School In Nevada

At Nevada Connections Academy, we offer the support students need to meet state graduation requirements.

Connections Academy offers comprehensive support to online learners so they are aware of their graduation requirements and equipped for life after high school.


In addition to passing state exams, students must graduate with a minimum of 23 credits earned successfully.

As a Nevada College and Career Ready school, NCA graduates will effectively finish courses that enable them to explore career options, get ready for college, and get ready for opportunities in the technical, trade, and military fields. To obtain the required credits, students must be enrolled in one of three tracks: Dual Enrollment, Career and Technical Education (CTE), or Advanced Placement/Honors. Learn more about our track and diploma options.

Be sure to check your school handbook for updates. The following course credits must be completed in order to receive a standard diploma:

  • Language arts: 4 credits
  • Math: 3 credits (including Algebra 1 and Geometry)
  • Science: 3 credits (including Biology and a physical science)
  • Social Studies: 3. 5 credits (including World History, US History, Government and Economics).
  • Health: 0.5 credit
  • Physical education: 2 credits
  • Technology: 0.5 credit
  • Humanities: 1 credit
  • Additional credits of electives are required: at least 5 credits

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How do I get my high school diploma in Nevada?

A student needs to pass the Nevada Proficiency Exams and accumulate a total of 22-1/2 credits in order to be granted a Standard High School Diploma.

How many credits do you need to graduate US high school?

Introduction to the US High School Diploma 20. It takes five credits total, of which four are in English (Language and Literature). Individual and Societies – 3 credits.

How many credits do you need to pass 7th grade in Nevada?

Students enrolled in grade 7 are required to pass ½ (one-half) of a credit in mathematics, ½ (one-half) of a credit in reading or English, ½ (one-half) of a credit in science, and ½ (one-half) of a credit in social studies in order to advance to grade 8.

What is the GPA cap for Ccsd?

The GPA cap for the class of 2025 has been formally announced by the Clark County School District. The new rule will cap student’s GPAs at 4. 95, which almost certainly means that more than 20 candidates will be tied for valedictorian.

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