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How Many Inmail Credits Per Month

LinkedIn created a number of features, like LinkedIn InMail, to boost personalisation, safeguard users from spam, and enhance platform efficiency.

Nevertheless, it appears that this feature presents difficulties for certain LinkedIn users, regardless of experience level, as disparities and inconsistencies between the LinkedIn plans can lead to misunderstandings.

Our in-depth tutorial seeks to clarify InMail and provide you the tools you need to integrate this LinkedIn premium feature into your outreach campaigns to get the most out of them.

Our sales team utilizes LinkedIn InMail in their regular outreach because, in addition to being an effective channel for reaching leads, Skylead is the only product available right now that can automate both paid

What are LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail Credits?

Inmails credits allow you to directly contact someone who you’re not currently connected with on Linkedin.

how many inmail credits per month

You can only directly message users who are already in your network if you have a Basic account.

However, depending on the type of subscription you have, Premium and Sales Navigator users receive a specific amount of Sales Navigator inmail credits.

The subject line of Sales Navigator email correspondence is limited to 200 characters.

Messages themselves are limited to 1900 characters (around 350 words).

How many inmails with Sales Navigator?

How many inmail credits you receive each month will vary based on your Sales Navigator plan:

  • 20 Inmails/month with the basic Linkedin Sales Navigator Professional
  • 30 Inmails/month with the Sales Navigator Team Edition
  • 50 Inmails/month with the Sales Navigator Enterprise

The Inmail credit will be returned if you receive a response to your message within ninety days of sending it.

how many inmail credits per month

Additionally, you can store InMails for a maximum of three months.

Enterprise users can use up to 150 credits, compared to 60 credits for Professional account holders.

If you need to use more InMail credits than you have each month, you can buy them.

They cost $10 each, which can soon make things expensive.

How to Generate Lead with your Sales Navigator InMail Credits?

You might be tempted to develop your lead generation strategy using the inmail credits that sales navigator provides. The best course of action is to prioritize email and save inmails for last.

Send Emails instead of Inmails

To carry out your LinkedIn outreach plan, you shouldn’t concentrate on inmails.

Because Inmails are flagged in the Linkedin Messaging interface.

Your prospect will become aware of the LinkedIn outreach message right away.

E-mailing someone is the same as writing “Hey! I’m here to sell you something” next to your face.

how many inmail credits per month

If your prospect doesn’t respond to your emails or LinkedIn messages, you should save Inmails for last.

  • Make a first contact via email
  • Send a connection request and a standard LinkedIn message if you don’t hear back.
  • if the connection request is not accepted: send an Inmail

With your Sales Navigator account, you are limited to a monthly total of 20 to 50 Inmail credits.

You can’t base your whole linkedin prospecting strategy on Inmails

Compared to Inmails, you can send up to:

  • 150-200 emails a day with your mailbox
  • 100 message a day with your linkedin account

Therefore, you could find their emails by exporting lead lists from Sales Navigator into a CSV file rather than sending Inmails.

how many inmail credits per month

As a result, you can send them cold emails and linkedin prospecting messages instead of using Inmails to get in touch with them.

Save your Inmails for people you need to get in touch with immediately but are unable to do so via email or Linkedin.

If you are in the enterprise sales space and want to target a select group of high touch leads with a large budget, Sales Navigator Inmail credits can be a very effective tool.

However, using Inmails to reach out to hundreds or even thousands of leads each week won’t be fruitful.

The fact that Sales Navigator emails are different from regular LinkedIn messages is another irksome feature. No possibilities to merge two conversation with the same prospect. This further complicates using Sales Navigator emails for prospecting.

How to write Sales Navigator inmails that get replies?

Here are some best practices for sending inmails to a few high touch leads.

I won’t go into a detailed tutorial on email copywriting here; instead, I’ll just suggest that you use one of the numerous icebreakers that Linkedin provides on the right side of the Inmail interface:

how many inmail credits per month

Additionally, make sure the subject line of your emails is brief and to the point. Be as specific as you can because your prospects are busy.

This is a treasure trove of pertinent conversation starters that will pique your prospects’ interest.

It’s time to act now!

Discover how to use Sales Navigator to generate email lists and begin using outbound sales prospecting to acquire more clients.

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How many InMails can I send per month?

You can send up to 800 InMails per month to members who have LinkedIn Premium and are contacted through the Open Profile feature. According to LinkedIn, each credit has a 90-day expiration date; if not used, it will roll over to your subsequent month. Yet, you can’t transfer your credits when upgrading your account.

Why do I only get 5 InMail credits?

LinkedIn InMail Credits Allocable monthly to your account type are the credits for LinkedIn InMail messages. Business accounts receive 15 per month, whereas career accounts receive 5.

How many InMails do you get a day?

Sending up to 1,000 InMails per day, per seat, is possible for Recruiter Professional Services (RPS) users. There are 100 InMails included with every license, and more credits can be bought if needed. Furthermore, we’ve established a 200 InMail cap for each newly created seat during the first calendar week.

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