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Privacy Policy

The owners and operators of do not share your information with other persons, entities, or companies, unless you fill out a loan form requesting a bad credit loan from an eligible lender. We don’t share your email with any other entity other than possible lenders in your local area, or appropriate nation wide lenders.

Visitor Tracking

The owners and operators of temporarily track all visitor IP activity for the purpose of protecting our site from malicious activity, and for the purpose of making the user experience of legitimate visitors better. We track the following data:

  • visitor ISP(s) (Internet Service Provider) IP address
  • visitor ISP(s) City of origin
  • visitor ISP(s) State of origin
  • visitor ISP(s) Country of origin
  • visitor screen resolution
  • visitor device
  • visitor operating system
  • visitor length of time per visit
  • number of visitor repeat visits
  • search engine used to find us
  • visitor browser type
  • name of visitor ISP uses a third-party tacking service know as Statcounter to collect all of this above listed  information. Read more about data collection practices here on their thorough FAQ page. Statcounter uses HTTP cookies to deliver statistics on To learn more about HTTP cookies here.

All data collected through the use of HTTP cookies via the service is deleted forever after 6 months.

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