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Updated May, 2023

Get a Subprime Recreational Loan
in Sterling Alaska

Sterling Alaska residents use this page to find subprime recreational loans for purchasing things such as boats, RVs, trailers, 5th wheels, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, wave runners, off-road bikes, motorcycles and more.

Subprime recreational loans can also be used for special occasions, such as weddings, funerals, vacations, graduations, etc. – however, not all Sterling-based or Kenai Peninsula County area lenders will approve recreational loans without some form of physical asset they can use as security on the loan, such as the list of rec items listed above.

You will have to check with your local Sterling Alaska-based lenders to clarify their branch policies on bad credit recreational loans.

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Subprime Recreational Loan Providers
for Sterling Alaska

Locate & Apply

Use the map below to identify subprime recreational lenders in or near the Sterling, Alaska area. We do not earn commissions from these branches, nor do we have any business arrangements with these Sterling lenders.

your apr estimator tool

Use the map below to identify the lenders in or near the Sterling, Alaska area who provide subprime special event loans. We do not earn commissions from these lenders, nor do we have any business arrangements with these Sterling lenders.

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FAQ: Subprime Recreational Loans in Sterling AK


1.) What is a subprime recreational loan?

A recreational loan is a loan to purchase “recreational items”, such as boats, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, wave runners, dirt bikes, and more. Recreational loans can also refer to loans for special events, vacations, weddings, etc. We provide a national lender on this page, as well as Sterling Alaska-based lenders and/or dealerships you can apply with. A “subprime” recreational loan is approved when the contracted borrower has a poor credit rating.

2.) Do you have a Local Subprime office in Sterling, Alaska?

No. is a nationwide lender-borrower conduit service, and does not have consumer office locations in Sterling, or anywhere in Kenai Peninsula County. We are in the process of merging with the company and will be relocating our offices to SoCal.

3.) Can I get a subprime recreational loan without a cosigner?

Yes. Depending on your financial situation, and what the loan purpose is, you may or may not be required to have a cosigner to get approved. If you have a steady income and a reasonable debt to income ratio, you may not require a cosigner. This goes for Sterling-based lenders, dealerships, and nationwide lenders.

4.) What is the average interest rate for a subprime auto loan?

We have a tool for that! (APR (interest rate) estimator tool) It uses your fico (credit) score and zip to estimate of your true APR (annual percentage rate) on a subprime recreational loan in the Sterling Alaska area.

5.) Which lenders in Sterling Alaska approve subprime recreational loans?

The map (above) displays dealerships and credit unions in Sterling  Alaska with a recent history of approving subprime recreational loans. All data is provided by past borrowers in the Sterling area.

6.) Will applying for a subprime recreational loan on LSP damage my credit rating?

No. Applying for a subprime recreational loan here at LSP will not damage your fico score. Why? We don’t pull your credit history. The dealers or credit unions you apply with will pull your history thought once you get to that point in the borrowing process.

7.) Can I get approved for a subprime recreational loan if I recently claimed personal bankruptcy?

In some cases, yes. If you have a steady income and a solid debt-to-income ratio, you may get approved for a subprime auto loan with either a nationwide lender, or a Sterling, Alaska-based dealership or lender.

May 28, 2023 weekly financial tip.

Rainy Day Cliche

The tired old cliche “saving up for a rainy day”, is like most cliches – the saying has stuck around because it’s proved to be true.

However, most people never do save money because it’s hard to just pay the essential bills most of the time. If you were to get an honest survey of all the people near you in the Sterling AK area, or even all of Kenai Peninsula County (for that matter, all of Alaska State!) you would be shocked how few of your local neighbors add to their savings account on a regular basis.

We know it’s hard, but after you’ve created a realistic (honest with yourself) budget, and track your spending, you’ll be amazed to find out you can begin to start saving money.

Even it it’s just a tiny amount! That’s fine. Just start off slow, and before you know it, you may find out you’re enjoying the art of spend tracking. We’ve seen countless subprime borrowers turn their financial situation around in the exact same way – budget, spend tracking, and planning.

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