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Updated May, 2023

Get a Subprime Personal Loan in Cape Neddick ME

If you live in Cape Neddick Maine and keep getting turned down for a subprime personal loan because of your credit rating, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts excel when it comes to getting subprime borrowers approved, and have done so for other borrowers in York County; specifically in the greater Cape Neddick area.

If you have some kind of steady monthly income, you can still get approved for a subprime personal loan even with a poor credit score. You can apply for your loan from multiple areas of this Cape Neddick ME page.

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Service Area for Subprime Personal Loans in Cape Neddick ME

Today's video for May 28, 2023

Maine Usury Law

Summary brief of Usury Law § affecting subprime personal loan rates in Cape Neddick ME / Legal: 6% / Contract: No maximum on commercial if in writing / Judgment: 8% up to $30,000 / Corporate: No specific rate

Source: Maine Government banking and financial division protecting Maine residents.

Service Highlights

Responsive Team

Our customer service team is highly dedicated – timely response times.


Transparency in regard to fees, interest, and true APR. No surprises.


SwiftWire™ loan processing technology for security and speed.

Reasonable Rates

Fair and reasonable annual percentage rates (APR).


Jennifer L / Dallas TX

I had really bad credit and I couldn’t get approved by anyone. Not my bank or our local credit unions, or even my family! I filled out countless application forms online and never even got a reply back. My credit score at the time was low at 505 and I didn’t think there was any hope left. But LSP came through for me!! Highly recommended.

Michael M / LA CA

I had really bad credit and I couldn’t get approved by anyone. Not my bank or our local credit unions, or even my family! I filled out countless application forms online and never even got a reply back. My credit score at the time was low at 505 and I didn’t think there was any hope left. But LSP came through for me!! Highly recommended.

Mark E / Phoenix AZ

I want to recommend the team at Local Subprime for their help getting us approved for a bad credit loan. My score was only 564 when I got approved with their process which took 2 days to get funded. Recommend their services to anyone with a bad credit rating.

Janis K / Orlando FL

A special thank you to Arnold at LSP for his patience efforts in getting me approved for a loan. My credit was quite low and I wasn’t getting approved anywhere.


SwiftWire™ is an advanced online lending platform, first developed by a little-know software developer in Southern California. SwiftWire™ allows for the highest ratio of subprime personal loan approvals possible.

Just enter you credit score and zip code to get a free personal estimate of your true APR, and apply with a lender in the Cape Neddick ME area that caters to subprime borrowers.

About subprime personal loans in Cape Neddick ME

Our primary goal at LSP is to get you approved for a subprime personal loan, but we want to do more than that for Cape Neddick ME residents – we want you to consider some financial planning help with Cape Neddick-based experts as well, so you don’t find yourself in this financial situation later in life.

What will my monthly payments be on a subprime personal loan?

Here at Local Subprime we have a unique process for subprime borrowers who are rightfully concerned about what their interest rate will be. Even more importantly, you need to know exactly what your true APR is on a personal loan. Follow the quick and easy steps below to closely estimate your monthly payments, true APR, total payments per year, final payment date (better known as a payment schedule).

Help for Cape Neddick ME residents with bad credit

Your personal loan approval is not the end of your financial journey (of course), so it’s critical that you move on from your subprime loan towards a new day, a better credit score, a smarter budget, and a new lease on life.

To that end, we have provided some extra resources. This page is specifically for subprime borrowers in the Cape Neddick Maine area. Below we include Cape Neddick-based credit repair companies, credit counselors, financial planners, financial assistance experts, housing assistance agents, and stress management professionals (after all, dealing with a poor credit rating can be extremely taxing).

STEP 1 – Get your personal APR estimate!

Using our APR estimator tool here, enter your zip code and credit score. This will give you an personal APR estimate based on what other subprime borrowers living in York County, in your zip code, or nearby greater Cape Neddick ME reported in their post approval surveys. The information used is provided by fellow Cape Neddick-based applicants who had a low credit score very close to yours at the time of their personal loan request.

STEP 2 – Get a personal payment schedule estimate

After getting your personal APR estimate, find out what your estimated payment schedule is here. Fill in your loan amount, loan term (length in years), interest rate (your estimated APR), and the day you want to make your first payment.

STEP 3 – Apply for your personal loan if feasible

If you’ve completed the first two steps above, you should know what your personal APR is likely to be, and what your payment schedule is likely to be. If at that time you believe you have enough income to afford your loan repayments, and all other expenses, you can go forward with your personal loan application.

After your subprime personal loan

Once you’re approved for your personal loan, we hope you take advantage of the other local resources in your area. Consider checking out the local provider links and the maps we have gathered below for the Cape Neddick ME area and surrounding jurisdictions in York County.

LOCAL Services

Credit Counseling
In or near Cape Neddick ME

Financial Planning
In or near Cape Neddick ME

May 28, 2023 weekly financial tip.

Two Card Jack

If for some reason you’re one of those folks who has taken on a lot of debt due to having a lot of credit cards, this tip is for you. We’ve seen some clients who had over 20 credit cards! Of course, what happens is you end up just chasing your debts. You pay off one with the others and cycle goes around and around until you crash. Before you know it you aren’t even making the minimum payments on all your cards. It’s like punching yourself in the face every morning, and wondering why you feel bad.

So be a two card Jack. Slowly but surely pay off one credit card at a time, and cancel it. Keep doing that until you have only two credit cards. For example, a Visa and MasterCard. Or maybe an American Express card and a Visa card. The reason you have to two different credit cards is because some stores, hotels, airlines, etc. only take on kind of credit card, and they sometimes change the cards they except.

Two card Jack never has to worry about one of his credit cards getting stolen, compromised, or dropped inn the wood chipper. He still has a backup. He can track his expenses and keep to his budget, all at the same time making sure he pays off both cards each month.

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